Saturday, March 28, 2015
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An Alliance of Local Businesses
Green Concord is an alliance of businesses in Concord, NH that offer environmentally-friendly products and services. We seek to foster a greener way of doing business and create a sustainable local economy.

Our members all share a commitment to green business practices.

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Green Living Film Series
The Green Living Series has been running since 2009 and is sponsored by Green Concord and organized in collaboration with Red River Theatres.

Movies are selected to highlight important environmental issues. Screenings typically include one night offering a post-film discussion with a panel of experts.

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Our Recycling Bin Program
Green Concord supports environmentally-friendly events. Our distinctive green bins are providing public recycling on Main Street and are featured at many outdoor events such as Market Days and the Multicultural Festival.

Look for our recycling bins at the Rock 'n Race on Thursday, May 17th at the State Office Park and water stations.

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Support of NH Lakes' Rain Barrel Project
In 2013, Green Concord sold seven rain barrels. Rain Barrels will remain on sale year-round at Bona Fide Green Goods at the discounted rate of $50 and are a great Holiday Gift idea! All proceeds will go to NH Lakes.

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Welcome to Green Concord

Green Concord is an alliance of local businesses in the Concord, New Hampshire area that offer environmentally-friendly products and services. We seek to foster a greener way of doing business and create a truly sustainable local economy.

What is a Green Business?

  • Strives for a just and environmentally sustainable economy.
  • Supports local vendors and suppliers.
  • Offers natural, sustainable and renewable products.
  • Incorporates the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  • Considers energy and environmental impact in its business decisions.
  • Supports fair trade and other socially responsible businesses.
  • Increases the quality of life for the environment, its employees, the community, and customers.

Our Commitment

Raising consumer consciousness towards environmental issues and the demand for green goods is leading to many organizations misrepresenting their products or businesses as "green." Green Concord is committed to providing the public with clear and accurate information about environmentally-friendly shopping. Our members all share a commitment to green business practices, our products are clearly marked and our staff are well trained. When a customer enters a business that is a member of Green Concord, they can shop with confidence. We look forward to seeing you!


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